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Educational Websites

Key Resources: 


American Psychological Association

Focus: Current research, science


Mental Health America

Focus: General information about illness, policy

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Focus: Programs, treatment options, population data


National Alliance on Mental Illness

Focus: General information about illnesses, advocacy, local support groups for family

Student Mental Health

Focus: Information about electronic support resources

Active Minds

Focus: Programming, advocacy, college campuses


National Institute on Mental Health

Focus: General information about illnesses, research opportunities


American Psychiatric Association

Focus: General information about illnesses, find a psychiatrist tool


National Insitute on Drug Abuse

Focus: Information on addiction, drugs, treatment, research opportunities, and family resources

Bullying and LGBT Youth

Focus: Creating a safe environment, laws, and additional resources. Other areas of the website focus on other at-risk groups with more information on the fight against bullying.

In the case of an emergency please call 911.

If located in the Harford County, Maryland area, ask the operator for a CIT (crisis intervention) officer who will be best equipped to mediate and find the best help in the case of a mental health crisis. If a CIT officer is available, they will be the responder. 

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