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SeizingPsych, Inc. Mission 

Educate. Advocate. Participate. 

To assist individuals and families experiencing financial hardship due to brain and mental illnesses through grants, facilitation of resources, education, and other goods and services. To provide free, interactive advocacy and educational programs to expand community awareness of severe brain illnesses.
All Hands In

SeizingPsych has over a decade of experience in community education working to initiate community discussion of mental illness and wellness in the community. Workshops are tailored to the audience and engage audiences ranging from high school students to police crisis intervention teams to healthcare practitioners. Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • The role of the family in mental illness

  • Stigma

  • Wellness & Resilience 

  • Resources available through SeizingPsych

  • Empathy in Crisis Intervention 


For more information please click to submit a Workshop Interest Form! ​


SeizingPsych provides one-on-one consultation with families and consumers to share experiences, knowledge about local resources, local employment opportunities, assist with Social Security Disability Insurance forms, and facilitate connections with key community contacts. Additional information about other community resources can be found in the Resources tab. 


Being an active player and participating in improving mental wellness in the community is a key priority for SeizingPsych. To work toward this mission, SeizingPsych hosts a variety of campaigns and aid opportunities including: 

  • Annual Adopt-A-Family Holiday Gift Drive 

  • Seasonal Survival Kit Distribution 

  • Crisis Grants and Fundraisers 

  • Monthly virtual Caregiver Support Group 

More information about financial aid can be found here. For information about the Caregiver Support Group, please submit an interest form by clicking here

First Aid
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