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Family Resources

SeizingPsych's Lists of Resources in Maryland: 

Key Resources: 

School & Education

Engaging with Schools to support your Child with Psychosis 

SAMHSA article on school-based interventions and support.   

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A non-profit consortium of organizations concerned about children with learning and attention issues that offers excellent resources regarding developing an IEP or 504 Plan:   

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IEP Roadmap

Support & Mentorship Programs for Caregivers & Family  

SeizingPsych Virtual Caregiver Support Group 

Meets the 4th Saturday of each month aimed at caregivers and support persons for people living with severe mental illness and psychosis.     

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CureSZ Friendz Program  

A mentor program for those supporting someone with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder      

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Family Perspectives:  

Healing Voices: How Educators Can Help Students Experiencing Psychosis 

Written by a mother, a parent advocate for children with mental illness, and an educator.  

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In the case of an emergency please call 911.

If located in the Harford County, Maryland area, ask the operator for a CIT (crisis intervention) officer who will be best equipped to mediate and find the best help in the case of a mental health crisis. If a CIT officer is available, they will be the responder. 

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