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Need-Based Aid



As Seizing Psych grows to engage a greater audience, we hope to both educate the community and provide financial assistance to those in need. ​

As a non-profit organization we look forward to having the ability to provide assistance to those who experience difficulty affording medication, therapy, and daily essentials such as food and housing due to a brain disorder. Good candidates for our assistance would have limited support, legitimate diagnosis, and hope.


Crisis Grants

One of SeizingPsych's greatest missions is to assist individuals and families fighting mental illness and brain disorders with funding that may help them afford medications, treatments, therapies, and other essential needs. Our goal is to award funding to those in need through grants that provide relief to people who otherwise would not have the resources to provide for themselves because of a mental health or medical crisis. Grants are awarded after approval of the application by the board and as funding allows.

To apply for a grant, submit a short application by clicking below. All applications are reviewed by the SeizingPsych board. After the initial submission, a representative will reach out for more information, answer any questions, and discuss additional resources that may be useful. 



The greatest source of funding for grants awarded by SeizingPsych are fundraisers through social media as well as events. Funds can be donated via Facebook, phone, and here on our website. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated, and please stay tuned for promotions featuring incentives for donors as well as exciting events!


Resource Counseling (By Appointment Only)

SeizingPsych offers assistance navigating resources such as social security, local funding, and housing on an individual basis. SeizingPsych volunteers are not currently licensed by the government or another organization and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of grant and other applications or endeavors. However, our team has significant experience navigating mental health resources through both federal and state governments, and hopes to share this expertise with those in need.


Food, Clothes & Toy Drives

SeizingPsych is both seeking donations of food, clothes, and toys for individuals and families struggling with brain illnesses. Food should be nonperishable (unless alternative storage and donation arrangements are made, please contact us in these scenarios.) Clothes should be in good condition. Clothes acceptable for job interviews and winter weather are in great need, although all donations are appreciated - we never know who we might be helping next! Toy and book donations for children of all ages are accepted. If you or someone you know are in need of these resources, please contact us at If we already have the resource you need on hand, we may be able to be a source of immediate assistance. If not, we may have the resources to run a drive for a particular family or individual.





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