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Key Resources: 



National Council on Problem Gambling 

Information about programs, screening, and treatment. An online community is available for members. 
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Substance Use

American Addiction Centers sponsored website assisting with finding rehabilitation centers and providing general information about substance use.

Recommended by the Alcohol Awareness Council. Assists with finding a rehabilitation center near you. 

*Disclaimer: The FDA does not provide guidelines for rehabilitation centers, please be sure to research the qualifications and efficacy of treatments provided by any rehabilitation facility to ensure the success of treatments and care provided. Please reach out with any questions, SeizingPsych Inc. does not endorse any given center.

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In the case of an emergency please call 911.

If located in the Harford County, Maryland area, ask the operator for a CIT (crisis intervention) officer who will be best equipped to mediate and find the best help in the case of a mental health crisis. If a CIT officer is available, they will be the responder. 

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