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Seizing Psych: Starting the Conversation


Would you or your organization like to learn more about mental health and how you can contribute to your community? We can help at Seizing Psych with our interactive and educational presentations tailored towards your group's needs.  

Professional Events
High School

Having presented for professional audiences including the Harford County Sherriff's Office, National Alliance on Mental Illness Maryland State Convention, Cherish the Child Symposium, Bel Air Rotary Club, and Harford County Public Schools' Department of School Psychologists among others, Seizing Psych has been sharing their story and resources for many years. By opening a discussion about coping with mental illness within the family and introducing its hereditary and environmental causes audiences begin to think about the effective management of illness in order to sustain both family and professional life. 

Seizing Psych has spoken with hundreds of students through fun, interactive presentations that offer an open space for students to ask questions and engage with the content. Focusing on empathy and the realities those living with mental illness must cope with students learn what mental illness is, how it is treated, and resources are in place for both their safety and the safety of others. Young minds are the future and by educating them we hope to build awareness and leave stigma behind us. 


With the additional stress of the university setting, college can be a difficult phase of life for some who may experience illness while trying to maintain academic and social success. Discussing mental health encourages students to create their own support system on campus. By opening this discussion we hope to contribute to an environment where students feel safe to seek help and to help others. 

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